NoGlu Passages De Panoramas

Gluten free is kind of the in vogue thing right now. I can proudly say I’ve sporadically eaten gluten free for probably the past ten years. No, *chuckle* I’m not ahead of the curve. I’m just a member of a family full of coeliac sufferers.

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Ralph’s on St Germain

How often are you in Paris?

Personally, as an Australian student living out of home, not a lot. But who knows, you might actually have a job. Regardless, next time you’re in Paris and you have a spare bucket of Euros, I suggest you head to Ralph’s on St Germain. Just don’t order a burger.

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The Great Parmie Experiment – Part 1, The Oxford Scholar

By a round of applause who doesn’t enjoy a Chicken Parmigiana?

If you clapped, leave now.
Because I love Chicken Parmigiana, and living in Melbourne it’s safe to assume I’m in the place in Australia to seek out a decent bit of chick.

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The Burger Diaries – Tuckshop Take Away

Tuckshop Take Away sign

I frequent burger joints, that’s right, I’m a burger bar fre-quen-ter. I bloody love them. So much in fact, that I actually dream up ways of making my own perfect burger (times of which I’m sure I’ve got damn close). So it goes without saying, I was blown away when I happened upon this Tuck Shop.

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