NoGlu Passages De Panoramas

Gluten free is kind of the in vogue thing right now. I can proudly say I’ve sporadically eaten gluten free for probably the past ten years. No, *chuckle* I’m not ahead of the curve. I’m just a member of a family full of coeliac sufferers.

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Ralph’s on St Germain

How often are you in Paris?

Personally, as an Australian student living out of home, not a lot. But who knows, you might actually have a job. Regardless, next time you’re in Paris and you have a spare bucket of Euros, I suggest you head to Ralph’s on St Germain. Just don’t order a burger.

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Parisian dining

Hello dear readers, apologies for the absence. It’s 2015, I’m in Paris, and I’m loving it! This is not my first time to the city of love but it is the first time I’ve actively sought out, fun, new, and different restaurants. (Just for you….and my taste buds, who am I kidding.)

I’ll be posting up reviews of some of my favourite experiences from my short stay here at the start of 2015. Expect burgers, gluten free havens and cosy hidden gems.

I also would like to express my condolences to the families of those tragically struck down by 3 gunman yesterday in Paris’ 11th district.
Je suis Charlie.