Burnt tongue? Try this!

You’ve burnt your tongue before. It sucks. It leaves that unpleasant bumpy feeling for days and you feel like you’re only tasting about a tenth of all the delicious food you try and consume there forth.

So, next time you do it, try this. Brown sugar.

Seriously, grab a pinch of brown sugar, sprinkle it atop your tongue and rub your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Once the sugar dissolves you’re good.

No more bumpy badness, you can taste the food you’ve just burnt yourself on, and you get a little sweet palate cleanser while you’re at it.teaspoon of sugar

Full disclaimer, by a burnt tongue, I mean you’ve tried some hot soup that’s a bit too hot. Or your friendly neighbourhood barista made your cup extra hot for reasons unknown. If your injuries are a result of anything more sinister. Seek a doctor. Sugar probably won’t help. 

Ralph’s on St Germain

How often are you in Paris?

Personally, as an Australian student living out of home, not a lot. But who knows, you might actually have a job. Regardless, next time you’re in Paris and you have a spare bucket of Euros, I suggest you head to Ralph’s on St Germain. Just don’t order a burger.

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Parisian dining

Hello dear readers, apologies for the absence. It’s 2015, I’m in Paris, and I’m loving it! This is not my first time to the city of love but it is the first time I’ve actively sought out, fun, new, and different restaurants. (Just for you….and my taste buds, who am I kidding.)

I’ll be posting up reviews of some of my favourite experiences from my short stay here at the start of 2015. Expect burgers, gluten free havens and cosy hidden gems.

I also would like to express my condolences to the families of those tragically struck down by 3 gunman yesterday in Paris’ 11th district.
Je suis Charlie.

The Great Parmie Experiment – Part 1, The Oxford Scholar

By a round of applause who doesn’t enjoy a Chicken Parmigiana?

If you clapped, leave now.
Because I love Chicken Parmigiana, and living in Melbourne it’s safe to assume I’m in the place in Australia to seek out a decent bit of chick.

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Killa vs Filla

Killa vs Filla logo

In complex dishes, cooks and chefs alike will often try and strike a balance between textures, flavours and in some cases, consistencies and colours. But there is a one balance most would rarely consider when creating a dish, and in doing so, often ruin their meals. I am of course talking about the balance of Killa and Filla.

I learnt this valuable lesson while travelling the South West of Western Australia with an Englishman.

What is Killer?
It’s the main element of any meal, the stuff you really want, the stuff you’d save for that last mouthful, the meat in a sandwich.

What is Filler?
That’s typically the enveloping ingredient, the bread in a sandwich, the stuff you do love but shouldn’t go overboard with.

Scientists have long studied the perfect ratio of Killa (k) to Filla (f) and while they are yet to truly perfect it, they have provided these place-marker equations in the interim;

k ≠ f   –   Killa does not equal Filla

k ≥ f   –   Killa is greater than Filla

To conclude, in my quest for finding great eateries around Melbourne and the country I will often rate a meal’s Killa to Filla ratio (k:f) for I am a firm believer in the saying; “All Killa, no Filla”.

all K no F

Honouring a dishes k:f is crucial in modern cuisines, and failing to do so can turn a 5 star meal into the lonely depths of 3 stars and below…

Killa and Filla are an emerging brand of Dine with Dan and as such will receive proper trademarking, copyrighting and registration should Dine with Dan ever become a commercial success. Oli Forrester can be credited with enlightening Dan to the existence of Killa and Filla back in 2010, somewhere in the South West region of Australia. As Oli is an Englishman and he shared his concept on Australian soil, unlike the British before him he has no true claim to it.

The Burger Diaries – Tuckshop Take Away

Tuckshop Take Away sign

I frequent burger joints, that’s right, I’m a burger bar fre-quen-ter. I bloody love them. So much in fact, that I actually dream up ways of making my own perfect burger (times of which I’m sure I’ve got damn close). So it goes without saying, I was blown away when I happened upon this Tuck Shop.

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