Burnt tongue? Try this!

You’ve burnt your tongue before. It sucks. It leaves that unpleasant bumpy feeling for days and you feel like you’re only tasting about a tenth of all the delicious food you try and consume there forth.

So, next time you do it, try this. Brown sugar.

Seriously, grab a pinch of brown sugar, sprinkle it atop your tongue and rub your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Once the sugar dissolves you’re good.

No more bumpy badness, you can taste the food you’ve just burnt yourself on, and you get a little sweet palate cleanser while you’re at it.teaspoon of sugar

Full disclaimer, by a burnt tongue, I mean you’ve tried some hot soup that’s a bit too hot. Or your friendly neighbourhood barista made your cup extra hot for reasons unknown. If your injuries are a result of anything more sinister. Seek a doctor. Sugar probably won’t help.