The Great Parmie Experiment – Part 2, The Geebung

Wednesday night is Parmie night at the Geebung so I thought I’d treat my housemate to the house special and rate my local on their chicken offering.

The Geebung is a historic pub I’m told, so I’ll be sure to check out the Wikipedia page when I get a moment.

The atmosphere of the place though is friendly enough, you walk in through the Auburn Road entrance and immediately you’re flanked with a quandary. To your left a nice dining room slightly secluded, and divided with a faded blue drape. To your right, the makings of a messy footy night.

We saunter over to a section of what we soon realise is an extensive bar. Serving us just happens to be my girlfriend, strange. We order the schnitzel ($15) and don’t hesitate when selecting the “parmify” option (+$2.50). The real challenge lay in the selection of complimentary chip sauce.

That my friend, was difficult. There were your usual aiolis with their various twists, seeded mustard, roasted tomato, smoked something. You know, the “usual” varieties.

We boldly chose the mustard and tomato options respectively and made for the 2006 themed outdoor area (smoking section).

Politics was the topic and I felt out of depth, thankfully with my trusty smartphone in hand I could subtly flick through trending news headlines and keep my head above the jargon.

After what seemed like no time at all our meals were in front of us, I must say it was visually appealing in ways I had not imagined.

chicken parmigiana

The colours leaped off the plate, the vibrant Turkish slaw looked zesty and inviting, and the twice fried chips were everything I had hoped for.

My first mouthful though was disappointing. My initial visual assessment carelessly overlooked the wide borders of topping-free chicken. Thankfully the mix of spices in the crumb were divine, and the meat was fresh and juicy. But not enough so to forgive the lack of sauce.

When finally I arrived at the topping coated bird I was nearly three mouthfuls in…not a great start. Once I was there though, it was a sweet almost Heinz Tomato Saucey variety of napoli but with just enough purée to remind you someone has lovingly prepared this dish.

The ham itself ticked the right box for salty, but the ultimate undoing of the dish was the disproportionate spread of the “parmy”. My final bite, the topper separated from the base. Need I say more.

Halfway through my chicken I jumped to the salad (slaw technically) and what a time to do it! The slaw was full of exciting flavours and textures, the crunch of the red onion and the citrous zest brought everything together. It was a marvellous cleanser of the palette.

My sauce selection was the mustard aioli, and while my housemate and I agreed our sauces did lack a strong breakthrough flavour. They served their purpose well, even if the quickly resembled an oily texture between the teeth.

 The Verdict

The Geebung is my true local. I live a stone throw away and would come here even if they burnt the eggs. This is my 3rd dining experience here and I have come to the conclusion it is good value food perfect for those nights you don’t wanna deal with dishes.

My Parmie, while seriously lacking in topping was, succulent, flavourful, well seasoned and crispy! Crispy is such a great thing, especially when covered in ooey, gooey melted cheese. Really this is the best way to describe it:

The Killa gets 49/70

Well, the slaw was actually amazing. As mentioned, zesty, exciting, bright, fresh.

For the sauce, oily but necessary.

 The Filla gets 20/30


Grand Total: 69/100

Housemate: 65/100

If you’re looking for a place to watch the footy and enjoy a Parmie, come on down.


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