The Burger Diaries – Tuckshop Take Away

Tuckshop Take Away sign

I frequent burger joints, that’s right, I’m a burger bar fre-quen-ter. I bloody love them. So much in fact, that I actually dream up ways of making my own perfect burger (times of which I’m sure I’ve got damn close). So it goes without saying, I was blown away when I happened upon this Tuck Shop.

I’m new to Melbourne, so I’ve had no reason before today to venture to Caulfield. It’s a pleasant area, similar I suppose to where I currently reside in Hawthorn, I just wish Hawthorn had a Tuck Shop of its own.

The shop is a throwback to what I imagine the burger bars of olde looked like, but it is expertly blended with that now familiar Melbourne Vintage Chic. I spoke with the owner and he told me absolutely everything (except the buns) is made in house, in an effort to give their customers the freshest and most unique experience possible.

inside Tuckshop Take Away & menu

The menu is simple, to say the least. A modern designer might call it minimalist? But strangely enough the simple menus appear to be all the rage at the moment, and why diversify if you have a winning product? So when seeking a burger at the Tuck Shop you get to choose from the Junior, Minor or Vegie Wedgie, they also have a choice selection of Jaffles which I can’t wait to try next time I stop by.

Tuckshop Take Away menu

I opted for the Minor (the larger of the two meat offerings) and got it with bacon and a small side of chips, my comrade also grabbed us a couple Choc Chip cookies, but more on that cheeky combo later.

The Minor comes served on a brioche bun (all burgers should) with the bed of lettuce, tomato and grilled onions. Though the real winner in this burger is their patty, cheese and Tuck Shop (secret) sauce combo, holy hell, it’s incredible.
Everything works in this burger, my first bite gave me that pleasant beefy flavour and some cheesy salad.

My second, was all pickle, in the best way.

The third gave me the heart of the patty, and as I mentioned before, all burgers (real burgers) should be served medium rare…though I stress, ALWAYS return a pink quarter pounder.

I guess you could say it was a true 5 out of 5 stars. That’s right, I can’t fault it. They make everything from scratch (even the tomato sauce!!!). So if you’d like to give it go, you can find them at 273 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield North.
cheese burger

Oh and just one more thing, remember that Choc Chip cooking I mentioned earlier? Yeah, well these aren’t chips of chocolate, this is lumps of smooth, gooey chocolate blended with the salty crunch of Kettle chips. A true Choc Chip cookie. It gets 3.5 out of 5, because it’s tasty, weird and just the right amount of kooky. (See what I did there?)
Chocolate "chip" cookie


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