My First Foray – Wonderbao


Well this is it boys and girls, I’m finally doing my food blog. This should be fun.

As the title would suggest this is my first post, and I’m going to buck the trend that I’m yet to define.

You see I had initially intended for this to be a wonderful journey of me getting free meals, then trying to recreate the magic in my own kitchen. Well, I’m not going to try and tackle Wonderbao just yet.

Wonderbao is an incredible hidden gem in Melbourne’s CBD, located on A’Beckett St this place can have queues out the door! On face value the casual passer by might think this is just another dumpling house, or pork bun eatery. What a woeful mistake you have made if that is all you see at first glance.

What is so special about this place is the brilliant fusion of Westernised Asian and Mexican favourites.

Do you like Pork Buns?

Do you like Street Tacos?

If you answered a resounding yes to both, you’re gonna loooooove Wonderbao’s “Gua Bao”.

They start with the “shell”. They take the delectable soft doughy white bread that surrounds your typical pork bun. Then they model it so it resembles a doughy taco shell, then comes the killer.

pork bao

The staff expertly crafts your Gua Bao while you stand back salivating.

Wonderbao preparation

No ingredient is unnecessary.

wonderbao assembly

The carrot is deftly positioned.

wonderbao assembly

No sauce is wasted.

making the wonderbao

Just look how happy my friend Chloe was at her first Wonderbao experience.

Chloe loving the Wonderbao

About to tuck in.

Dan enjoying Wonderbao

Today my selection was the Braised Pork Belly gua bao, and the Roast Pork Belly gua bao. What can I say, I love pork belly.

Wonderbao menu 2014

The balance of flavour and the innovative presentation of Wonderbao makes it one of my favourite Melbourne eateries and I give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars.


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